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Business cards come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, but what will work best for you? You could try to do the old list of pro’s and con’s to determine if business cards are right for you, but there really is no con’s associated with using business cards so we will stick to the pros of different kinds of business cards.

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Business cards are used by many different professions and levels of employment. Business owners use them as well as business managers and sales professionals. Years ago, it seemed everyone that had a business card would just have the simple black and white cards with the company name, address and phone number as well as the name and position of the person who the cards were made for.

Today there are many more options.

The typical black and white business cards are still fine for carrying in your wallet for the times you need one, but to have it stand out from others, you may want to spice it up a bit with some color and the company logo. This way when someone searches in their wallet, your logo will be the first thing they see when rummaging through and it will stick in their minds when your services may be needed.

There are other effective methods many professionals use today that are more innovative and can attract more attention. Using business cards the size of a post card can be effective with the right design and purpose. These are great for advertising specials and for using as a discount coupon. These may not be the traditional business cards people think about, but what is a business card? It’s a “card” that advertises your business to others. Nothing more and nothing less, right? Not exactly. It’s what you do with the cards and how they are presented that is important.

Some business cards are used as a discount card for keeping track of your purchases in order to reward you after a certain number of purchases have been made with a free product. Coffee stands are notorious for this kind of customer retention methods and it works. I have seen business cards in the shape of a company logo as well as holograms to attract people and stand out from others. A good way to use business cards is to use different styles for different reasons and demographics. If you work in an industry that caters to the elderly, you may want to keep them simple as this is what they are used to, but if you work in the music industry, you may want to jazz it up a bit with more color and style to attract the younger customers. The main thing to remember is to be creative, but know your demographics.

Business cards are the simplest way to get noticed in the business world. They contain information on the business location, the givers name and contact information such as a phone number, physical address or email address. They are easy to carry around and are shared during introductions and at the end of meetings. They act as an advertising tool and a memory aid for potential customers.

The design of the business card should have a striking visual design that will make an impact on anyone you hand it to. The general design of the card should give an impression of the line of work you do. This image is topped up by the information on the card. Any extra information should be printed on the back of the card.

There are various kinds of business cards in circulation nowadays. They have evolved from the usual one sided white cards printed in black to double sided cards and most recently the plastic cards.

·        Foil business cards;

These cards are similar to embossed business cards. The only difference is that foil cards have a stylish metallic look paper that gets more attention than plain paper. Silver and gold foil cards are the most common foil cards and they have a lustrous spectacular look that is sure to get attention to your company.

·        Embossed business cards;

An embossed business card stands out and looks more professional than the other lot of paper business cards. In most cases the logo is embossed but some people prefer to emboss all the details on the card to make it unique and striking to prospects.

·        Double sided business cards;

A double sided business card is a good way to showcase all you are capable of doing. If you run two different companies or organizations, you can pint them out on one card instead of two. Double sided cards also give more room to add any vital information about the company without overshadowing the information on the front face.

·        Plastic business cards;

These kinds of cards are just as their name suggests made out of plastic. They are durable, versatile and different. They add an edge to the image of your business and create a lasting impression on any potential customer. The colors on a plastic card always appear brighter and more vibrant than those on paper.

·        Magnetic business cards;

These cards do exactly what other business cards do but in a unique way. They are stuck on various surfaces away from the clutter of other regular cards. They serve as a constant reminder of a certain product or service. They are distinct from any other form of business cards and can even be given to prospects like gifts and are very durable.

·        Sticky business cards;

Sticky business cards are flashy and easy to see. They are usually made using fun colors but with the information you want to pass conspicuous and easy to identify. They stand out for longer and come in different variations. They are stuck in a variety of places including cars and are seen by more people than the usual business cards that are stashed in wallets.

embossed business cards


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